Essential Fashion Illustration

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Essential Fashion Illustration
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  • ISBN: 9781592532537
  • Price: $89.99
  • Author: Marie Lafuente (Author)
  • Published by: Rockport Publishers Inc.
  • Publishing Status: Active
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Marie Lafuente has been giving fashion illustration classes for several years. Finding no suitable manual for her students, she gradually gathered her teaching material into a book, which has now become the invaluable "Essential Fashion Design". The aim of the book is to submerge readers in the world of fashion illustration. The first section shows how to draw a human figure: the body, the head and face, arms and hands, legs and feet; and to stylize and synthesize the elements. In the field of fashion, it is essential to know how to draw fabric, and in particular how to draw the folds of clothing. Ms Lauente details this, as well as how to draw light and shadow, creases, garments, technical drawing, accessories, featuring figures in different poses. The second part of the book revolved around colour and the different techniques with which one can work: include watercolour, wax crayon, pastel, market, pencil, fabrics. The drawings also reveal the changes in fashion illustration over the years since the early 1900s.

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