SRA Reading Laboratory 1a

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SRA Reading Laboratory 1a
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  • Format: Boxed cards and booklets
  • ISBN: 9780076028177
  • Price: $1229.00
  • Author: Don H. Parker (Author)
  • Published by: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
  • Publishing Status: Active
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SRA McGraw-Hill Reading LaboratoriesTM are the original, multi-levelled reading programs that provide excellent opportunities for differentiated learning — ideal for a classroom full of students at different reading levels. With an emphasis on independent work and self-correction, students build ownership and understanding of their progress as they move through the program. The result is the confidence to tackle bigger challenges, including national testing. Originated in the 1950’s, SRA McGraw-Hill Reading LaboratoriesTM were developed by teachers to have a strong focus on comprehension and the improvement of important skills such as vocabulary, fluency and word analysis. Today, the SRA McGraw-Hill Reading LaboratoriesTM have stood the test of time, adapting to the current needs of students.

• Research-based and classroom tested for over 50 years ( • Internationally renowned bestsellers • Provide individualised reading instruction to a whole classroom of readers at different levels • Engage students with a variety of text types at different levels, including narratives, reports, biographies, fiction and non-fiction • Diagnostic – students are continuously evaluated, helping teachers to monitor individual student progress • Facilitates independent learning

How do they work? Pre-test • Students take the Starting Level Guide pre-test to determine the appropriate colour level at which they should begin reading Independent reading • Students begin with reading selections called Power Builders which correspond to their individual levels. Each Power Builder includes reading selections plus comprehension questions followed by vocabulary and word-study exercises Self-scoring • Students answer questions, then check their work using the corresponding Key Cards. Scores are recorded in the Student Record Book Motivation for success • Students continue at the same level or move up to the next colour level. Building ownership and understanding of their progress helps improve their skills and confidence, while a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts encourage their interest in topics such as animals, multiculturalism, sport and more.

Components: Reading Laboratories include (exact quantities differ between kits): ¦ 110–150 Power Builders and Answer Key Cards ¦ 110–150 Rate Builders and Answer Key Cards (Labs 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b and Developmental 2 and 3) ¦ 200+ Skill Builders and Answer Key Cards (Labs 2a, 2b, 2c and 3a) ¦ 1 Student Record Book ¦ 1 Teacher’s Handbook ¦ 1 Program Management/ Assessment CD-ROM

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