SRA Reading Laboratory 3a

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SRA Reading Laboratory 3a
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  • Format: Boxed cards and booklets
  • ISBN: 9780076042692
  • Price: $1284.00
  • Author: Don H. Parker (Author)
  • Published by: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
  • Publishing Status: Active
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SRA McGraw-Hill Reading LaboratoriesTM are the original, multi-levelled reading programs that provide excellent opportunities for differentiated learning — ideal for a classroom full of students at different reading levels. With an emphasis on independent work and self-correction, students build ownership and understanding of their progress as they move through the program. The result is the confidence to tackle bigger challenges, including national testing. Originated in the 1950’s, SRA McGraw-Hill Reading LaboratoriesTM were developed by teachers to have a strong focus on comprehension and the improvement of important skills such as vocabulary, fluency and word analysis. Today, the SRA McGraw-Hill Reading LaboratoriesTM have stood the test of time, adapting to the current needs of students.

Reading Lab 3a helps students build their skills through individual reading practice. High-interest reading selections feature colour-coded levels of graduated difficulty with illustrations or photographs, multilevelled comprehension questions and vocabulary and word study skill exercises. Reading Lab 3a also includes Skill Builder cards designed to reinforce basic comprehension, phonics, grammar and word study skills and Rate Builder cards designed to help students read faster while maintaining comprehension. Key Features A balanced selection of fiction and nonfiction texts Full colour illustrations and photographs promote comprehension and reading enjoyment Great source of incidental learning about animals, plants, science, technology, fine arts, sports, multiculturalism and more Covers a range of past, present and future perspectives Includes international sources drawing on tales from Australia, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East giving students insights into a variety of cultures, lifestyles and perspectives Reading Lab 3a includes: 110 Power Builders with coordinating Answer Key Cards 110 Rate Builders with coordinating Answer Key Cards 225 Skill Builders with coordinating Answer Key Cards 1 Student Record Book 1 Teacher's Handbook 1 Program Management and Assessment CD (networkable)

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