Nature of Knowing

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Nature of Knowing
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  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781876659011
  • Price: $137.99
  • Author: Michael Woolman (Author)
  • Published by: IBID Press
  • Publishing Status: Active
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This is the second book in the IBID series that address 'Theory of Knowledge'. It provides a basis for tackling and investigating the varied topics that are so often introduced into discussions by fleeting thoughts and then develop into passionate and intense arguments.

"This book investigates information in all its forms in the context of human knowledge". So say W.M. Davies and K.H Sievers in their Introduction. It is hard to imagine a harder task, or even a more important one. 'Knowledge' is critical to the information economy of the 21st century.

This practically-oriented book looks at the varieties of knowledge in all the key disciplines, from science and mathematics, to social sciences, such as psychology, an subjects such as history, ethics and language. It contains hundreds of ready-made execises and topics for class discussion. Complete with illuminating 'Extention Reading' and class-based comprehension exercises, the book stands alone as a resource for students interested in the nature of knowledge.

This indispensible text is the ideal complement to any serious study of the disciplines, The Nature of Knowing covers all teh main ways of knowing: language, sense perception, emotion and reason.

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