Chemistry cast the building blocks of civilisation. The exploitation of fire, the development of pigments, and the smelting of metals all triggered huge human developments and led us from the stone age into the technological era.

How the World Works: Chemistry is a wonderful introduction to this intriguing discipline, tracing the story of chemical exploration through some of its central breakthroughs. Discover how an iron dagger was found in a Bronze Age tomb, how alchemists pursued the transformation of base metal into gold and the how the nature of the atom was discovered.

This book also features:
* Accessible explanations of fascinating concepts and processes, including spectroscopy, fractural distillation and radioactivity.
* Profiles of famous chemists, including Dmitri Mendeleev, Marie Curie and Antoine Lavoisier
* Quirky facts, anecdotes and quotations
* Useful diagrams to accompany complex theorems

Intended for science enthusiasts and layman alike, this wonderfully illustrated, full-colour guide brings clarity to some of chemistry's biggest mysteries.

ABOUT THE SERIES: How the World Works is a full-colour illustrated series by Arcturus Publishing. Each book provides an engaging introduction to a branch of human knowledge, outlining key principles and charting its development across history up to the present day.


Introduction: The Stuff of the World
Chapter 1: Chemistry Without Knowing it
Chapter 2: A Spiritual Science
Chapter 3: Gold and the Golden Age
Chapter 4: From Alchemy to Chemistry
Chapter 5: Airy Nothings
Chapter 6: Atoms, Elements and Affinities
Chapter 7: Bonds for Life
Chapter 8: What's In There?
Chapter 9: Making Stuff
Conclusion: Into the Future
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