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Author(s): Michael Haese et al

IB Mathematics

Mathematics: Core Topics SL has been written for the IB Diploma Programme courses Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL, and Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL, for first teaching in August 2019, and first assessment in May 2021. The book contains the content that is common to both courses. This material can all be taught first, giving the potential to teach all the SL students together from this book at the start of the course. This is the first of two books students will require for the completion of their SL Mathematics course. Upon the completion of this book, students progress to the particular SL textbook for their course: either Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL, or Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL. This is expected to occur approximately 6-7 months into the two-year course. This product has been developed independently from and is not endorsed by the International Baccalaureate Organization. International Baccalaureate, Baccalaureát International, Bachillerato Internacional and IB are registered trademarks owned by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Features: - Snowflake (24 months) A complete electronic copy of the textbook, with interactive, animated, and/or printable extras. - Self Tutor Animated worked examples with step-by-step, voiced explanations. - Theory of Knowledge Activities to guide Theory of Knowledge projects. - Graphics Calculator Instructions For Casio fx-CG50, TI-84 Plus CE, TI-nspire, and HP Prime

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Mathematics: Core Topics SL 1 STRAIGHT LINES 19 A The equation of a line 20 B Graphing a straight line 26 C Perpendicular bisectors 28 D Simultaneous equations 30 E Problem solving with simultaneous equations 34 Review set 1A 36 Review set 1B 37 2 SETS AND VENN DIAGRAMS 39 A Sets 40 B Intersection and union 42 C Complement of a set 44 D Special number sets 45 E Interval notation 47 F Venn diagrams 51 G Venn diagram regions 54 H Problem solving with Venn diagrams 56 Review set 2A 59 Review set 2B 61 3 SURDS AND EXPONENTS 63 A Surds and other radicals 64 B Division by surds 68 C Exponents 70 D Laws of exponents 71 E Scientific notation 77 Review set 3A 80 Review set 3B 81 4 EQUATIONS 83 A Equations of the form x^2 = kx ​2 ​​ =k 84 B Power equations 85 C Equations in factored form 87 D Quadratic equations 88 E Solving polynomial equations using technology 95 F Solving other equations using technology 97 Review set 4A 98 Review set 4B 99 5 SEQUENCES AND SERIES 101 A Number sequences 102 B Arithmetic sequences 105 C Geometric sequences 110 D Growth and decay 113 E Financial mathematics 115 F Series 124 G Arithmetic series 127 H Finite geometric series 132 I Infinite geometric series 136 Review set 5A 139 Review set 5B 142 6 MEASUREMENT 145 A Circles, arcs, and sectors 146 B Surface area 149 C Volume 154 D Capacity 164 Review set 6A 167 Review set 6B 169 7 RIGHT ANGLED TRIANGLE TRIGONOMETRY 171 A The trigonometric ratios 173 B Finding side lengths 176 C Finding angles 178 D Right angles in geometric figures 180 E Problem solving with trigonometry 185 F True bearings 190 G The angle between a line and a plane 193 Review set 7A 196 Review set 7B 198 8 NON-RIGHT ANGLED TRIANGLE TRIGONOMETRY 201 A The unit circle 202 B The area of a triangle 204 C The cosine rule 208 D The sine rule 212 E Problem solving with trigonometry 215 F The ambiguous case of the sine rule 219 Review set 8A 222 Review set 8B 224 9 POINTS IN SPACE 227 A Points in space 228 B Measurement 230 C Trigonometry 232 Review set 9A 235 Review set 9B 237 10 PROBABILITY 239 A Experimental probability 241 B Two-way tables 245 C Sample space and events 247 D Theoretical probability 250 E The addition law of probability 258 F Independent events 260 G Dependent events 264 H Conditional probability 268 I Formal definition of independence 272 J Making predictions using probability 273 Review set 10A 277 Review set 10B 279 11 SAMPLING AND DATA 281 A Errors in sampling 282 B Sampling methods 285 C Types of data 291 D Simple discrete data 293 E Grouped discrete data 296 F Continuous data 297 Review set 11A 301 Review set 11B 302 12 STATISTICS 305 A Measuring the centre of data 306 B Choosing the appropriate measure 311 C Using frequency tables 313 D Grouped data 316 E Measuring the spread of data 319 F Box and whisker diagrams 323 G Outliers 326 H Parallel box and whisker diagrams 329 I Cumulative frequency graphs 332 J Variance and standard deviation 336 Review set 12A 344 Review set 12B 347 ANSWERS 351 INDEX 387

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